Creating a Guest list for your Wedding

Creating a guest list for your wedding can be quite the struggle, you want to ensure that you are not leaving anyone out while also trying to keep your numbers down. The real struggle is if one of you are a social butterfly and, the other isn’t. Talk about polar opposites. Here are some tips that can help you break down your guest list in tiers to make this process as easy as possible!

Creating a guest list for your wedding can be quite stressful because you want to make sure you’re not leaving anyone important out while staying within your budget. It’s even more of a struggle if one of you is a social butterfly and the other isn’t or if your parents are paying and want more input on the guest list. Breaking your list up into tiers based on importance can help make the guest list process easier. Check out these tips to get started:

 First Tier

Your must-have guests that you can’t imagine getting married without. They most likely played a role in the proposal or even knew it about it beforehand! For example: immediate family, best friends, or grandparents.

Second Tier

The guests you’d really like to celebrate your special day with. These people know you and or/your spouse to-be and would make your special day even more special. For example: extended family, close family friends and school friends.

Third Tier

You’d like these guests to celebrate with you but are fine cutting them if you need to adjust your guest count. For example: coworkers, neighbors or plus ones you haven’t met.

Remember, these tiers are just a starting point to building your guest list. Feel free to tweak your tiers as you wish. My last tip for your guest list is to stay true to your vision for your wedding. If you envisioned a small intimate wedding then go for a small guest list. If your prefer a big party, go all out and invite everyone you want!

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